Mr & Mrs Clifford McCabe

Greetings.  My name is Clifford McCabe and I serve as the Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church. I began my service as pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in 1996. Later in the same year I was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel. Today, I continue to oversee the church’s services of Christian worship, faithfully and enthusiastically teach the Holy Bible and provide pastoral care to the congregation. I am happily married to Cristina and have four  children: Jessuly, Jamal, Jenessa and Jonathan.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching the Bible and believe that this work is my calling.  It has shaped my life for the better and I know it will do the same for you.  When the Speaker of the House of Representatives introduces the President of the United States at the annual State of the Union address, he usually says, “It is my great privilege and high honor to present to you the President of the United States.”  If the Speaker of the House has the high honor of introducing the President, my privilege and honor in presenting the message of God is even greater!  I’m not presenting the message of a man but something far more authoritative and powerful:  the message from God represented in the Holy Bible.  If we eagerly tune in to hear  what the nation’s leader has to say to us,  shouldn’t we be all the more eager to hear what God, our Creator, has to say to us?  May God give you the desire to know and enjoy him through the message of the Bible.  And the overall purpose of the Bible is to reveal God to us so we can know him and respond to him in faith and obedience.  Such a response will lead to a life of joy and peace.  And who among us doesn’t want more joy and peace in his or her life?

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